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Hi J.P. Looks like a mess over there - what's going on? I apologize that I cannot help over there right now. I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with things here! About content, most of OrthodoxWiki's content (unless otherwise noted) is available under a dual Creative Commons - GFDL license. This means you are free to use it under the same terms as Wikipedia's articles, namely 1) proper attribution, including a link back here to the original article, and 2) a license statement indicating that you are publishing it under the same terms as we use here (i.e. GFDL). For more information, see OrthodoxWiki:Copyrights.

All that said, let me speak honestly and say that I'm not sure what the purpose would be... The wiki does not have much information (and most of what it does looks like it was taken from elsewhere). It looks like it is fraught with personal squabbles. It is hosted on a third party site and serves advertising. The approach to vandalism is ineffective and distracting. The mission seems too broad, and I'm not fond of attempts to treat all the religions together like this (except maybe in a larger context such as Wikipedia - although if it's part of a personal learning process, I won't fault it too much.)

May God give you wisdom! — FrJohn (talk)