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Books of the Old Testament
Introduction to the Old Testament Canon
The Books of Wisdom 24.Book of Psalms | 25.Book of Job 26.Proverbs 27.Ecclesiastes | 28.Song of Solomon 29.Wisdom of Solomon | 30.Wisdom of Sirach - The Minor Prophets 31.Hosea | 32.Amos | 33.Micah | 34.Joel | 35.Obadiah | 36.Jonah 37.Nahum | 38.Habakkuk | 39.Zephaniah | 40.Haggai | 41.Zachariah 42.Malachi - The Major Prophets 43.Isaiah | 44.Jeremiah | 45.Baruch | 46.Lamentations | 47.Letter of Jeremiah | 48.Ezekiel | 49.Daniel with additions 49.Daniel with additions
Appendix IV Maccabees

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