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Question (geography)

Hello. I'm working on the Romanian translation/adaptation of this page. I'm trying to figure out one of the references in the article, namely: where exactly would one find the dependency of St. Nicholas in Ismaelia? Is this referring to nowadays Ismailia Governorate in Egypt, or is it a generic name for Ottoman territories (Myra itself?) or something else? I'd be grateful for some help. Thank you. Kamasarye 19:46, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

PS I also rephrased an info. As far as I could find out, it was w:Petru_Rareş, followed by w:Alexandru Lăpuşneanu, both rulers of Moldavia who contributed the most at the 16th century reconstruction of the monastery. Petru Rareş is not known to have taken monastic vows, and there is a consensus in Romanian historiography that he was buried in the Probota Monastery he founded. Alexandru Lăpuşneanu, however, IS known to have taken monastic vows and the monastic name of Pachomios attributed to Peter by the athonite tradition (but again, he is considered to be buried at the Slatina Monastery he founded). Kamasarye 20:01, October 16, 2010 (UTC)