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I was wondering about why there is not more done about iconic depictions of God the Father? I am a new Orthodox Christian. I feel it is a scandal. I makes me deeply sad because God forbids it. You can read more about the Trinity Icons here: [[1]] You can see a Paternity Icon here: [[2]] and here: [[3]] .

Why do they do this? I am very disturbed. I think we should have our own page all about this, icons of the New Testament Trinity and God the Father in particular. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ryan Close (talkcontribs) October 9 2009.

An article could be helpful. But it would need to give both the history and the theological arguments on all sides. An expert on the subject would me helpful. A Paternity Icon is on the iconostas of the church that I attend, and have spent many hours of contemplation of it. Some points I can see is that the Three are in a mandorla, so the iconographer is not trying to depict anything that anyone has ever seen. I don’t believe that the icon is the image of the trinity, just the idea of the trinity. There is a long tradition of this, and of the Ancient of Days older man. If it bothers you, you should learn more about it. Maybe someone can recommend a good book on the subject. - Andy 20:23, October 9, 2009 (UTC)

A Reference

I don't recall detailes about the book, but I do recall a book on the question of iconographic depictions of God the Father -- Steven Bigham's Image of God the Father in Orthodox Theology and Iconography (Oakwood Publications, 1995).

Some of it is available to read on Google Books here here. --Fr Lev 21:38, October 9, 2009 (UTC)