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Something important is missing from this article. I'm a Greek Orthodox Christian and I am ashamed to see this site afraid to tell the truth. The Wikipedia page apologizes for the truth as if it is untrue - but it is true. Everybody knew the truth about this saint until the Jews began their drive for world government. Tell the truth, please. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Keeptruthfree (talkcontribs) .

  • Feel free to improve the article yourself, with properly referenced sources of course. The present article is based solidly on the hagiographical accounts of the child-martyr as given by the 1) BIALYSTOK-GDANSK DIOCESE of the POLISH AUTHOCEPHALOUS ORTHODOX CHURCH itself, 2) the ROCA hagiography, and 3) the Greek account from the Great Synaxaristes, which says that he was martyred "by enemies of the church". If you can read Russian there also is an additional hagiography listed in the sources, authored by the Belarusian Orthodox Church. Regards, Angellight 888 02:48, May 12, 2012 (HST)
I think we can safely say that claims that there is some kind of massive Jewish conspiracy or that Hasidim murder Christian babies is fale. And of course blood is not used for matzo... I do consider this false and loathsome libel. — FrJohn (talk)