Vincentius (Escharcha)

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Archimandrite Vincentius (Escarcha) was a priest in the Exarchate of the Philippines of the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

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Father Vincentius was an ordained Roman Catholic priest who had served the Roman Catholic Diocese of Masbate for about twenty years prior to his reception to the Orthodox Church. After his acceptance as an Orthodox priest, Fr. Vincentius served at the Theotokos Orthodox Church in Barangay Bajada, Cataingan, Masbate as the senior priest in the Philippine Islands. In addition to serving as the spiritual father to some 350 souls, he also directs the pastoral works and spiritual discipline of four nuns of the nearby Theotokos Orthodox Monastery.

Archimandrite Vincentius was forced to retire from his office due to health reasons.