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Magda Picture

I fixed the should be ok to repost it now to her page. --Patriarchanthony 01:01, January 8, 2006 (CST) BTW...You are restoring the spammers pages. Not the real ones. Look at the recent changes for yesterday and see that the FR. John and MAgda pages are uneffected by your edits... --Patriarchanthony 01:03, January 8, 2006 (CST)

I guess not! Sad, really Sad! --Patriarchanthony 01:15, January 8, 2006 (CST)


(1) I strenuously object to false information being again re-posted to this article. Bishop Germain was not deposed by Romania. I was in Paris when the news came from Romania. I received a copy of the official letter to the clergy and faithful of the Church of France. He was not put on trial and he was not deposed. Merely asserting something doesn't make it true. I at least have the advantage of having been there and of having read the official communications. (2) This article repeats the misinformation that Alexis van der Mensbrugghe belonged to the French Church but then returned to the Church of Russia. This is not true. He simply remained when the Russian Church after the French left in order to maintain their Western character. (3) The use of the term "canonical limbo" is not appropriate. Being canonical has to do with living in accordance with the canons. It is not a matter of being recognized by someone else. A useful article on this is the classic one by Fr Alexander Schmemann. --Fr Lev 20:56, March 2, 2006 (CST)


Hi Pistevo,

I could be wrong, but my understanding is that use of logos and publicity photos constitute fair use. Wikipedia has special templates for these, which we've adopted -- see OrthodoxWiki:Templates for options. Thanks, Fr. John


I noticed the 'Orthodox code' on the template portion of your user page - where does one find that? Ari 23:31, March 26, 2006 (CST)