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More about me
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Holy Archangel Michael.
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The servant of God Michael, born 3 August 1986 in Brooklyn, New York; baptised in the Holy Trinity Church in Astoria, Queens, NY and a parishioner of the St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Howell (Lakewood), NJ. While studying in Buffalo, New York, a member of the Ss Theodore Church in Williamsville. My patron saint is Archangel Michael, celebrating on 8 November (21 NS).

I am currently majoring in Linguistics, but I am trying to get a minor in Russian (though I'd like a major in it as well). I have taken two courses in German, but I remember very little, though I would like to continue pursuing it; also I once took a class on Irish Gaelic, though it wasn't for credits and the price went up, so I had to drop it - I would like to pursue that language as well, but it is quite hard, as the English did a good job in dissuading the Irish from speaking their own language.

I wasn't really planning on becoming much of a contributor to OrthodoxWiki, but writing articles seems to become quite addictive.



Very Rev. Raphael Morgan (authored)
Archbishop James (Toombs) of Manhattan (authored)
John and Ann Betar (authored)
Hieromonk Nicholas Olhovsky (authored)

Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Saints

Our venerable and God-bearing Father Kingsmark (authored)
Our father among the saints Dubricius of Caerleon (authored)
The holy and right-believing King Brychan of Brecknock (authored)
Our venerable and God-bearing Father Donald of Ogilvy (authored)
Our venerable Mothers, the Nine Maidens (authored)

Scandinavian Saints

Our father among the saints Sigfrid of Växjö (authored)


Holy Dormition Convent (Nanuet, New York) "Novo-Diveevo" (authored)
St. Elizabeth the New Martyr Convent (Mohawk, New York) (authored)