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Civil name: Hans-Georg Mikael Elitzur Lundahl

Baptismal names: Hans Georg

Name retained in chrismation: Hans

religious journey: agnostic, nearly heathen, vaguely Christian childhood: undenominational Bible Christian late childhood, puberty going by Lutheran "Church" to a longing for Catholicism: conversion to Catholicism at 20: becoming a Traditionalist such after military service: orthodoxy came recently, I was chrismated January 2, AD 2007.



Back to "Rome" - in some sense - since: a) brief statement, St Athanasius did wrote the confession of orthodoxy he handed to the Pope on returning from exile in Trier, Venerable Stepinac did not support the crimes of Tomislav Majstrovic, and Peter the Aleut, whether a saint or not, was certainly not martyred by Spanish Inquisitors. Faith is in part about history, and if people have a take on history where I see some areas as full of lies, I am not resting with them, if they take that to Ecclesiastical proportions. Oh, and St Robert Bellarmine was not guilty of papolatry the way Paul Ballaster pretended either. (Did not edit as it happened, since I stayed away from here). For b) Long statement see: [1] Index of articles on subject.