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  Born 1947 in Pennsylvania, USA. 
  Education: Roman Catholic parochial highschool; Villanova University: B.A., M.A. in Philsophy,
    2 years study at St Vladimir Seminary, NYC.
  Priestly Ordination: 8 May 1982 by Moscow Patriarchal hierarch, Vladyka Irinei -- currently
     Metropolitan of Dneipropetrovsk in Ukraine.
  "Officially Received" into the OCA in 1998, in consequence of translation from Russian of
     1500 pages of "Saints-Vitae" which form the foundational basis of such on OCA webpage.
  "Official Retirement" granted in July 2011.
  Particular Endeavours: translation of primary materials of Russian Religious Philosophy,
     centering upon the thought of Nicholas Berdyaev (my website contains 150+
     suchlike translated articles unique to that site), and others of that current...
  Current Activity: publishing under my own imprint, "frsj Publications" so that some of 
     my efforts may somewhat survive my demise...