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Fedya (Derek J. Power)

About Derek (Fedya)

I am Derek John Power, currently in the process of completing my undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. The main project that I am at the present working and refining is a thesis analyzing Arvo Pärt's rendition of the "Canon of Repentance to our Lord Jesus Christ" entitled Kanon Pokajanen. In addition to using music analysis, I also use Orthodox spirituality and theology to conclude that the music that Pärt composed does reflect repentance as the Orthodox Church understands it. I will graduate - God willing - on 15 May 2005.

I was received into the Orthodox Church - specifically at Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Newport News, VA - on 9 November 2002 (hence the numbers in my username). My name saint is Theodoros after St. Theodore the Studite and within the Church, I much prefer to be called Fedya (the Russian diminutive).

Aside from theology, I am very interested in music and film. My favorite academic subjects also include history and philosophy but I have also shown interest in economics, literature, physics, poetry and psychology.

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