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My name is Fady Mansour. I am an 18 year old Lebanese who’s proud of his national heritage. However, I am also a devout Greek Orthodox. I have always been attached to Orthodoxy. At the age of 12, I started exploring my faith. I learned all about the history of the church, the great schism, and the current status of the church. I had many discussions with our local priest; I also devoured every book I found on the topic of the schism. I became more and more attached to Orthodoxy. Only one of my questions concerning this topic remains unanswered. Who are the Greek Orthodox in Lebanon and the region? To say that we’re arabs would be both naïve and unreflective. The Greek Orthodox community in Lebanon has its own characteristics, traditions and values. Much like any other religious community in this country. It’s not wrong to say we’re not arabs. After all, the church has been here long before the arab invasion! And I highly doubt that muslim arabs were open to conversion. My answer will be answered soon. I’m going to meet a guy who's supposedly well-versed in this matter. He’s working on his thesis, which is about the great schism. I know that I’ll be an active member of the OrthodoxWiki. I’ve viewed some pages now, and many of them need some work.

That’s it from me!