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My name is Dalibor Djuric.I was born April 13, 1984, in Banja Luka, in Serbian Orthodox Family. My Family lives in vilage Dabovci. Curently I am a student of the 4th course of Orthodox Theological Faculty of Belgrade University. I hope that I will soon graduate and will be ordained. My intrests are Church History. ( I hope i will obtain Master degree from Church History and Patrology. I am new at Orthodoxwiki and my English is far away from good so please forgive me gor mistakes. Reamember me in your prayers.

British Orthodox Church

Please may I know what exactly was meant by the changes and redirect you made to British Orthodox Church that I started and now I can't find any trace of my edits of this page , did you delete my edits?--Ghaly 16:55, March 25, 2007 (PDT)