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Bishop Brian J. Kennedy, O.S.B. is the Archabbot and Presiding Bishop of the ATHONITE BENEDICTINE FATHERS. and

Bishop Kennedy is also the Presiding Bishop of the Celtic Orthodox Church in the United States.

Bishop Kennedy was born December 8th, 1945 to Donald and Mary Grace Kennedy at Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

Bishop Kennedy is a very conservative and traditional western rite Orthodox Bishop with Apostolic Succession from the Greek Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church from the line of Bishop Contogeorge, Bishop Peter Zhurawetsky and Bishop Yuri Spaeth, O.S.B. Bishop Michael on behalf of the Ecumenical Patriarch wrote a letter recognizing the Grace filled and Spirit Filled nature of Ordinations from the line of Bishop Peter Zhurawetsky. Bishop Ireny of the Orthodox Church in America wrote to add his name to the name of Bishops who recognize the Orthodox character of such ordinations/Consecrations from the line of Bishop Peter Zhurawetsky.

Bishop Kennedy has spent his life trying to foster vocations to the Monastic life of strict observance. Bishop Kennedy believes the world should conform to the Church, not the Church conform to the world. Bishop Kennedy is very much opposed to the heresy of Ecumenism, inter faith worship and syncretism.

Bishop Kennedy supports a married Episcopacy while himself remaining a celibate monk. Bishop Kennedy loves the pre schism Latin Orthodox Liturgy and traditions.