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Andrew the First-Called This user is named Andrew. If you got here by mistake, and were expecting a different Andrew, click here.

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Hello, I'm Andrew, you can call me Andy. I am just a non-tonsured contributor. It is indicated that this is my page, so I will put something on it.

  • I've been a life long (over 50 years) Orthodox Christian in the OCA (Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church). I'm married with children, and the past president of the church council for a very small parish.
  • My contributions to this site (click). I was not really familiar with "Wiki" type sites when I found this site, so I was skeptical that such a concept could work. This site appears to be carefully watched and kept clean. Finding this site was like finding an unfinished crossword puzzle.
  • I am not a theologian or a journalist; I have my degrees in Computer Science, and Information and Systems Science. I like to organize, and fill in missing information here.

If I break anything here, it is really accidental, I do not try to break things, I am just a button pusher. I bush buttons (or click links) just to see what will occur. It is just a bad habit I have.

Feel free to let me know if I post anything wrong, or fail to conform to the local etiquette, I don't mind being corrected.

Thanks, Andy