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*1900 [[Martyrs of China|Martyrdom of Orthodox Christians]] in Chinese Boxer Rebellion (Yihetuan Movement). 
<big>This article is reserved to develop saints and personalities relating to the twentieth century</big>
*1905 Death of Parthenios Koudouma Monastery, [[July 10]]; [[Apostolos Makrakis]].
*1907 Death of [[Ilia the Righteous]], [[July 20]] 
* Refer to [[Timeline of Saints]]
*1908 Death of [[John of Kronstadt]].
*1909 Death of [[Alexis of Wilkes-Barre]], [[May 7]].
*1912 Death of [[Nicholas of Japan]].
*1914 Death of [[Maxim Sandovich]], [[August 6]]
*1915 Death of [[Raphael of Brooklyn]].
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*1917-40 [[w:Persecution of Christians in the Soviet Union|Persecution of the Orthodox Church in Russia]] begins, with 130,000 priests arrested, 95,000 of whom were executed by firing squad.
*1917 Martyrdom of hieromartyr [[John Kochurov]]
*1918 Tsar [[Nicholas II of Russia]] murdered together with his wife [[Alexandra Romanov|Alexandra]] and children;
:[[Elizabeth the New Martyr]], [[July 18]];
:[[Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky) of Kiev and Gallich|St. Vladimir]]; [[January 25]];
:[[Theophanes (Il'minskii) of Solikamsk|St. Theophanes]], [[December 11]];
:Saints of Ivangorod: Dimitry (Chistoserdov) and Alexander (Volkov) [[December 26]];
:Sergy (Florinsky) of Rakvere, [[December 17]];
:Hieromartyr Michael the priest [[January 3]]
*1919 Death of Saints of Tartu: Platon (Kulbush) bishop of Tallinn, Michael (Bleive) and Nicholas (Bezhanitsky) [[January 1]]
*1919-1922 [[w:Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922)|Greco-Turkish War]]; [[w:Pontic Greek Genocide|Pontic Greek Genocide]] eliminates the Christian population of Trebizond.
*1920 Death of [[Nektarios of Aegina]]; Evmenios of Koudouma Monastery, [[July 10]]
*1922 Death of Metr. [[Bejamin (Kazansky) of Petrograd and Gdovsk]], [[July 31]].
*1923 Death of Agafangel (Preobrazhensky) of Yaroslavl,[[October 3]]
*1924 Death of [[Arsenios the Cappadocian]], [[November 10]]
*1925 Death of [[Tikhon of Moscow]]; St. [[Jonah of Manchuria]], Bishop of Hankou (1922-1925);
*1931 Death of Nicholas (Siimo) priest of Kronstadt, [[April 5]].
*1932 Death of [[Papa-Nicholas (Planas) of Athens]];
*1936-37 Many Russian Orthodox Clerics die in Joseph Stalin's [[w:Great Purge|Great Purge]].
*1937 Disappearance of Fr. [[Alexander Hotovitzky]], martyred;
:Karp (Elb), [[September 11]].
:Hieromartyr deacon Sergius [[January 3]] 
*1938 Death of [[Silouan the Athonite]];
:New Hieromartyr Nicetas bishop of Belevsk, [[January 3]]
*1940 Death of Hieromartyr Leontius deacon
*1941 Martyrdom of [[Gorazd (Pavlik) of Prague]] by Nazis; [[Platon of Banja Luka]], [[May 5]]; [[Petar (Zimonjić) of Dabar-Bosna]],
*1941-45 Croatian [[w:Ustaše|Ustasa]] terrorists kill 500,000 Orthodox Serbs, expel 250,000 and force 250,000 to convert to [[Roman Catholic Church|Catholicism]].  
*1942 Death of [[Joanikije (Lipovac) of Montenegro]], [[July 20]]
*1943-44 Hundreds of Orthodox priests of the [[Church of Ukraine|Ukrainian Orthodox Church]] eliminated, tortured and drowned by Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - [[w:Ukrainian Insurgent Army|Ukrainian Rebel Army]], aided by [[Eastern Catholic Churches|Uniate]] Metr. Josyf Slipyj who was a spiritual leader of Nazi military units that were later condemned by the Nuremberg tribunal, and who was imprisoned by Soviet authorities for aiding the UPA. 
*1945-90 Persecution of the [[Church of Albania|Orthodox Church in Albania]].
*1945 Death of [[Arseny (Chagovtsov) of Winnipeg]], [[October 4]].
*1947 Death of [[Alexis (Kabaliuk) of Carpathia|Alexei Kabalyiuk]].
*1948 Death of [[Savvas the New of Kalymnos]].
*1949 Death of [[Seraphim of Viritsa]], [[March 21]].
*1956 Death of [[Nikolai Velimirovic]], [[March 18]].
*1957 Death of John (Maisuradze) of Georgia, [[January 21]] 
*1959 Death of [[George (Karslidis) of Drama]], [[November 4]].
*1960 Death of [[Anthimos of Chios]] [[February 15]]; John (Iacob) the Romanian (the Hozevite),[[August 5]]; George-John (Mkheidze) of [[Georgia]], [[January 21]]
*1964 Death of [[Varnava Nastic]], [[November 12]].
*1966 Death of [[John (Maximovitch) the Wonderworker]], Archbishop of Shanghai and San Fransisco, [[July 2]].
*1970 Death of Archpriest [[Stefan Wu Zhiquan]] .<ref>http://www.orthodox.cn/localchurch/harbin/stefanwu_en.htm</ref>, the new martyr.
*1975 Death of Papa-[[Dimitris (Gagastathis)]].
*1979 Death of [[Mathushka|matushka]] [[Olga Michael]], [[November 8]]; [[Justin Popovich]]; Archimandrite Philoumenos, [[November 16]];
*1980 Death of Elder [[Philotheos (Zervakos)]] of Paros.
*1982 Death of [[Seraphim Rose]]
*1983 Death of Elder [[Arsenios the cave-dweller of Mt. Athos]].
*1991 Death of Elder [[Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) the Kapsokalivite]]; (Evangelos (Bairaktaris)), [[February 7]].
*1992 Deaths of [[Gabrielia (Papayannis)]] and [[Chrysanthi of Andros]].
*1993 Canonization of [[Chrysostomos (Kalafatis) of Smyrna]].
*1994 Death of Elder [[Paisios (Eznepidis)]] of Mt. [[Athos]], [[July 12]].
*1995 Death of Eldress [[Macrina of Volos]]; [[Gerasimos (Papadopoulos) of Abydos]], [[June 12]].
*1998 Death of Elder [[Ephraim of Katounakia]].
*2000 Death of Fr. [[Grigory Zhu]], September.

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This article is reserved to develop saints and personalities relating to the twentieth century

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