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The purpose of this article is to complete a chronological list of ALL the relevant Ecclesiastical dates relating to the "deaths" of her Orthodox Saints

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Pre New Testament

First century (0-100)

New Testament Era
Apostolic Era (33-100)
  • 34 Death of Philip, tetrach of Iturea.
  • c.45-55 The Dormition [2] of the Theotokos, the Mother of Christ, August 15.
  • 44 Agrippa I beheads James (son of Zebedee and brother of John), Agrippa I is eaten by worms and dies.
  • 50 Death of Gamaliel, teacher of the Apostle Paul (Acts 22:3)
  • 54 Claudius dies, probably poisoned.
  • c.60-62 Apostle Andrew traditionally thought to have been martyred in Achaia at Patras by cruxifixion.
  • c.60-63 Second death of Lazarus, Bishop of Kittium.
  • c.61 Apostle Barnabas, founder of the Church of Cyprus, traditionally thought to have been martyred in Salamis.
  • 62 Porcius Festus dies.; Apostle James, the brother of the Lord, first bishop of Jerusalem, put to death by Sanhedrin during short interval between Porcius FEstus and Albinus.
  • 66 Martyrdom of Photine of Samaria, Anatole, Photo, Photis, Paraskeve, Kyriake, Photinos and Joses and the Duke Sebastianos, under Emperor Nero.
  • c.65-67 Martyrdom of Apostles Peter;
  • c.67 Paul beheaded in Rome.
  • c.90-96 (2nd) Persection of Christians under Emperor Domitian.
  • 96 Martyrdom of Dionysius the Areopagite of the Seventy.
  • 100 Death of St. John the Theologian in Ephesus.

Second Century (101-200)

  • c.106-107 Symeon, bishop of Jerusalem, martyred at age 120.
  • 107 Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, martyred in Rome (or c. 115).
  • 108-124 (3rd) Persection of Christians under Emperor Trajan and continuing under Emperor Hadrian.
  • c.120 Martyrdom of Eleutherios and his mother Anthia.
  • c.130 Death of Apostle Quadratus, of the Seventy; Papias, bishop of Heriopolis and apostolic father.
  • 138 Telephorus, bishop of Rome, the only 2nd-century pope who's martyrdom is historically verifiable.
  • 155 Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna, martyred by being burned to death in the arena in Smyrna.
  • 160 Marcian, heretic, dies.
  • 165 Valentium, Gnostic heretic, dies; Justin Martyr and disciples denounced as Christian, scourged and beheaded for refusing to sacrifice; Peregrinus Proteus becomes Christian and leader of a synagogue, then takes up the life of a Cynic. He ends his life by burning himself on a pyre at the Olympiad of 165 in Athens.
  • 177-180 (4th) Persecutions of Christians under Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180).
  • 177 Pothinus, bishop of Lyons, Blandina, Ponticus at others martyr in Lyons dying in the "odor of sanctity".
  • 180 Dyfan of Merthyr first martyr in British Isles, May 14; The Scillitan Martyrs, twelve Christians executed in N.Africa for refusing to renounce their faith, July 17; Marcus Aurelius dies of plague.
  • 190 Melito, bishop of Sardis, dies.
  • c.200-202 Irenaeus of Lyons dies, possibly martyrdom.

Third Century (201-300)

Fourth Century (301-400)

Fifth century (401-500)

Sixth centuy (501-600)

Seventh century (601-700)

Eighth century (701-800)

Nineth century (801-900)

Tenth century (901-1000)

Eleventh century (1001-1100)

Twelfth century (1101-1200)

None identified.

Thirteenth century (1201-1300)

Fourteenth century (1301-1400)

Fifteenth century (1401-1500)

Sixteenth century (1501-1600)

Seventeenth century (1601-1700)

Eighteenth century (1701-1800)

Nineteenth century (1801-1900)

Twentieth century (1901-2000)

Twentyfirst century (2001-Present)

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  1. St. Ioachim lived for 80 years and Anna for 79. They lived for around seven years after Mary was dedicated, making the holy Theotokos around 10 when they reposed.
  2. At the time of her death tradition states she was in her early fifties.
  3. http://www.orthodox.cn/localchurch/harbin/stefanwu_en.htm