Theodora of Thessalonica

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The Venerable Theodora of Thessalonica, (Greek: "gift of God"), was a nun who lived a pure and blameless ascetic life. She is commemorated on April 5.

Nothing is known of Theodora’s birthplace and date, youth, and early life. From her youth she loved Christ. Desiring to leave worldly pursuits behind, she entered a woman’s monastery. There she kept a virtuous and ascetic life, being obedient to the abbess and all the other sisters. Her obedient nature even showed after her death.

The abbess fell asleep in the Lord many years after the sainted Theodora. When the grave for the abbess was dug, the relics of Theodora were uncovered. Her relics appeared to have moved in order to make room for the abbess’ body. This caused a reaction among those who witnessed the remarkable event who cry out, “Lord have mercy!”

Many who came to venerate her were healed of all manner of diseases or freed of the power of demons. Many miracles occurred through the holy relics of St Theodora.

The story of St Theodora was recorded in 830 by St Joseph the Hymnographer. Her memory should not be confused with that of St Theodora of Thessalonica who is commemorated on August 29.