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Revision as of 03:31, November 14, 2005 by FrJohn (talk | contribs) (Concerning the episcopal gap)

Do we want to have the title linking to (a standardized) something?

For instance, the mythical bishop of little-new-town probably won't have a list of other bishops to link to, in which case it might be better to link to the jurisdictional article; however, I personally like the idea of linking to a list article, because then there can be gaps in the chronology, but one can see who the other hierarchs of that bishopric were and are. I have spent a good deal of time trying to find the "OCA Bishop of Chicago and the Midwest" between the years of 1988 (Boris Geeza finished) and 1993 (Job Osacky started), but cannot find anything online. Any thoughts? —magda (talk) 13:05, November 10, 2005 (CST)

This sounds good to me! —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 18:33, November 13, 2005 (CST)
Why don't I ask around? Give me a few days. Fr. John 21:31, November 13, 2005 (CST)
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