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St. Irene of Thessaloniki

Great-Martyr Irene of Thessaloniki (4th c.); Saints Martin and Heraclius, of Illyria (4th c.); Martyrs Irenaeus, Pellegrinus and Irene, at Thessaloniki (284–305); Martyrs Neophytus, Gaius, and Caianus; St. Eulogius the Confessor, bishop of Edessa (ca. 386); Saint Hilarion, Archbishop of Arles (449); Saint Geruntius of Milan (470); Saint Hydrock (Hydroc) of Cornwall (5th c.); Saint Euthymius the Wonderworker, bishop of Madytos on the Hellespont (ca. 990); Saints Barlaam of Serpukhov and Gideon of Serpukhov (1377); New Monk-martyr Ephraim of Nea Makri (1426); Saint Adrian, Abbot of Monza Monastery (1619); New Hieromartyr Nicholas, priest (1919); New Hieromartyr Platon of Banja Luka (1941); Other commemorations: Uncovering of the relics (1613) of Saint James of Zheleznoborov, abbot of Zhelezny Bor (1442); Translation of the relics of Saint Aldhelm, Bishop of Sherborne; Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “Inexhaustible Cup” (1878).