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St. Athanasius the Great

Martyrs Hesperus, Zoe, and their sons Cyriacus and Theodulus, at Attalia (ca. 124); Saint Athanasius the Great, Patriarch of Alexandria (373); Saint Sabbas, Bishop of Dafnousia; Saint Boris-Michael, Equal-to-the-Apostles, prince and baptizer of Bulgaria (907); Martyr Wiborada, anchoress of St. Gallen in Germany (926) (see also May 11); Saint Jordan the Wonder-worker; St. Athanasius of Syandem and Valaam (ca. 1550); Patriarch Athanasius III of Constantinople, from Lubensk (Lubny) (1654); Blessed Basil of Kadom, fool-for-Christ (1848); Saint Matrona the Blind, the Righteous Wonderworker of Moscow (1952); Other Commemorations: Translation of the relics (1072 and 1115) of the holy passion-bearers Boris and Gleb (in holy baptism Romanus and David) (1015); Icon of the Theotokos of Putivilsk (1238, 1635);