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St. Arsenius of Tver

Hieromartyr Theodotus, Bishop of Cyrenia; Virgin-martyr Euthalia of Sicily; Martyrs Troadius, Hilarion, and Quadratus of Neo-Caesarea; Venerable Agatho of Egypt, monk; 400 Martyrs slain by the Lombards in Sicily; Saint Arsenius, Bishop of Tver; Venerable Barsanuphius and Sabbas, abbots of Tver; Venerable Sabbatius, monk of Tver; Venerable Euphrosynus, disciple of Sabbatius of Tver; Saint Chad, Bishop of Lichfield and his brother Cynibil; Martyr Hesychius the Senator; Saint Cointus of Phrygia, Confessor and Wonder-worker; Martyrs Andronicus and the virgin Athanasia; Nicholas of Plana; Hieromartyr Athenodoros the Bishop; Saint Joseph; repose of Abbess Philareta of Ufa; appearance of the Kolomna Icon of the Theotokos; Slebhin, Abbot of Iona