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Our Holy Lady Theotokos

Hieromartyr Timothy, Bishop of Prussa; Martyr Alexander and Virgin Martyr Antonina at Constantinople; Saint Bassian, Bishop of Lodi in Lombardy; Venerable Theophanes, monk of Antioch; Saint Pansemne, the former harlot of Antioch; Saint John Maximovitch, Metropolitan of Tobolsk and All Siberia, Wonder-worker; Venerable Silvanus the Schemamonk of the Kiev Caves; Martyr Neaniscus the Wise of Alexandria; Saint Canides, monk of Cappadocia; Saint Apollo, Bishop; Saint Alexius of Bithynia, Bishop; Hieromartyr Metrophanes, the first Chinese priest, and the Chinese New-Martyrs of the Boxer Uprising, at Peking and other places, in 1900; Saint Gregory, Bishop of Assos; Saint Ithamar, Bishop of Rochester; synaxis of the saints of Ryazan; Synaxis of All Saints of Siberia; repose of Elder Nahum of Solovki and Schemamonk Sergius of Valaam; finding of the relics of Saint Basil, Bishop of Ryazan (see also July 3); translation of the relics of Saint Yvo of Slepe