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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Venerable Euthymius the Great; Martyrs Bassus, Eusebius, Eutychius, and Basilides at Nicomedia; Martyrs Inna, Pinna, and Rimma, disciples of Apostle Andrew in Scythia; Martyrs Thyrsus and Agnes; Saint Leo the Great, confessor, Emperor of the East; Martyr Anna at Rome; New-Martyr Zacharias at Patrai in Morea; Saints Euthymius the Silent and Lawrence the Recluse of the Kiev Caves; Saint Euthymius of Syanzhemsk, Vologda; Blessed Peter the customs inspector of Constantinople; Saint Euthymius, Patriarch of Trnovo and Bulgaria; Saint Fechin, Abbot of Cong; repose of Righteous Theodore Kuzmich (Tsar Alexander)