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St. Raphael of Brooklyn

Venerable Prokopios the Confessor of Decapolis; Martyrs Gelasios of Heliopolis and Nisios; New-Martyr Elias; repose of Saint Raphael, Bishop of Brooklyn; Saint Herefrith, Bishop of Lincolnshire; Martyr Alnoth, hermit of Stowe; Saint Comgan, Abbot in Ireland; Saint Titus, presbyter of the Kiev Caves; Saint Thalalaeus, hermit of Syria; Martyr Gelasius the Actor of Heliopolis; Saint Stephen, monk of Constantinople; Saint Titus the Soldier, of the Kiev Caves; Saint Pitirim, Bishop of Tambov; Martyr Nesius; Saints Asclepius and James of Syria, monks; Saint Timothy of Caesarea, monk; Martyrs Julian, Eunos (Kronion) his servant, Beza (Bisos) the soldier, and Mekaros of Lebanon, at Alexandria. Other events: repose of Archimandrite Photius of the Novgorod Yuriev Monastery and Monk Anthony of Valaam