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Saint Ambrose of Milan

Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan; Saint Anthony, abbot of Siya Monastery (Novgorod); Saint Nilus, monk of Stolbensk Lake; Saint Paul the Obedient; Saint John, faster of Saint Sabbas' Monastery; Saint John, faster of the Kiev Caves; Martyr Athenodorus of Mesopotamia; Saint Gregory the Silent of Mount Athos; Martyr Neophytus; Martyr Dometius; Martyrs Isidore, Acepsimas, and Leo; Saint Ignatius, monk, near Blachernae; Blessed Gregory of Serbia; Saint Philoftheia (Philothea) of Thrace, the Protectress of Romania; Venerable Gregory, founder of Girgoriou Monastery on Mount Athos; Righteous Gerasimos, Ascetic of Euboia; Saint John of Kronstadt (see also October 19); Saint Diuma, Bishop of the Mercians and Middle Anglians; Martyrs Priscos, Martin, and Nicholas, near Blachernae; Saint Ammon, Bishop of Nitria; Martyrs Gaianos and Gaina; holy 300 martyrs of Africa martyred by the Arians