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St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
St. Grigol Peradze

Saint Theophilus, Bishop of Antioch (181); Martyr Niser, under Maximian, by fire (ca.286-305); Saint Nicholas the Wonder-worker (Nicholas of Myra), Archbishop of Myra in Lycia (ca.345); Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Patara, uncle of St. Nicholas of Myra (4th c.); Saint Abramius, Bishop of Cratea (Kratia) in Bithynia (6th c.); Saint Asella, Abbess (406); Saints Auxilius, Isserninus and Secundinus, missisonaries with St Patrick in the enlightenment of Ireland (5th c.); Martyrs Dionysia, Dativa, Leontia, Tertius, Emilian, Boniface, Majoricus, and Servus, in North Africa under the Arian Vandal Hunneric (ca.484); Saint Gertrude the Elder, founder and first Abbess of Hamaye (Hamay, Hamage) near Douai, in north France (649); Blessed Maximus, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Rus' (1305); New Martyr Nicholas of Karamania, in Asia Minor (1657); Hieromartyr Michael Uspensky, Priest of Moscow (1937); Hieromartyr Grigol Peradze of Georgia, Archimandrite (1942); Other Commemorations: The miraculous apparition of St. Nicholas at the First Ecumenical Council (325); The Wonderworking icon of St. Nicholas the Drenched of St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev; Name Day of Royal Martyr Tsar Nicholas II (1918).