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Sabbas the Sanctified

Martyr Anastasios, the Fuller of Salona in Dalmatia (see also October 25); Venerable Gratus, monk; Venerable Nonnus, monk; Martyr Diogenes, by stoning; Martyr Abercius, by the sword; Venerable Karion (Cyrion) and his son Saint Zachariah of Egypt (4th c.); Saint Sabbas the Sanctified (532); Saint Bassus of Nice, Bishop of Nice, martyred under Decius (ca.250); Martyrs Julius, Potamia, Crispin, Felix, Gratus and Companions - 12 martyrs who suffered in Thagura in Numidia in North Africa under Diocletian (302); Saint Crispina, a wealthy matron in Thebeste in Numidia in North Africa, horribly tortured and ultimately beheaded (304); Saint Dalmatius of Pavia, Bishop of Pavia, martyred under Maximianus Herculius (304); Hieromartyr Pelinus, Bishop of Brindisi, martyred in Confinium in the south of Italy, under Julian the Apostate (361); Monk-martyr Justinian of Ramsey Island (Iestin), South Wales (560); Saint Nicetius (Nizerius), Bishop of Trier, Gaul (566); Saint Friminus, the seventh Bishop of Verdun in France (6th c.); Saint Cawrdaf, a noble in Wales, ended his life as a monk with St Illtyd (6th c.); Saint Sigiranus (Cyran, Siran, Sigram), Abbot and Confessor (ca.655); Saint Gerbold, monk at Ebriciacum in France, later founded the monastery of Livray, became Bishop of Bayeux (690); Saint Basilissa, Abbess of Oehren near Trier in Germany (ca.780); Saint John Gradenigo, a monk in Cuxa Abbey in the Catalonian Pyrenees in Spain, reposed as a hermit near Montecassino (1025); Saint Cosmas of Vatopedi (1276) and the Venerable monks of Karyes Skete on Mount Athos, martyred by the Latins (1283); Saint Philotheos the Righteous, of Karyes Skete on Mount Athos, the Elder of St. Nectarius the Athonite (late 15th c.); Saint Nectarios the Athonite (Nectarios the Bulgarian of Bitol, Bulgaria) (1500); Saint Gurias, Archbishop of Kazan (1563); Saint Anthony (Zheretiyenko), Schema-Archimandrite of the Kiev Caves; Saint Macarius (Velichko), Archimandrite of the Kiev Caves; Hieromartyr Elias (Chetverukhin), Priest, of Moscow (1932); Hieromartyr Gennadius, Priest-monk of Yaroslavl-Rostov (1941); Saint Sergius, Confessor, Priest (1950).