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Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne

The placing of the cincture (sash) of the Most Holy Theotokos in the Church of the Virgin in Halkoprateia-Constantinople; Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne, Enlightener of Northumbria; Hieromartyr Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage; Saint Gennadius, Patriarch of Constantinople; Saint Gennadius Scholarius, Patriarch of Constantinople; Saint John, Metropolitan of Kiev; four martyrs of Perge in Pamphylia; Martyrs Menas, Fausus, Andrew and Heraclius; Martyr Phileortus; Martyr Diadoch; eight virgin-martyrs of Gaza; 366 martyrs of Nicomedia; Saint Eanswythe, Abbess of Folkestone; Saint Odda, monk of Pershore; Saints Cuthburga and Coenburga, Abbesses of Wimborne