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St. Thomais of Alexandria

Saints Theodosia the Princess (daughter of Emperor Hadrian), and the Eunuch Gerontios (ca. 117-138); Martyrs Dadas, Quinctillian and Maximus the Lectors, at Dorostolum (c. 284-305) (see also April 28); Martyr Crescens of Myra in Lycia (3rd century) (see also April 15); Hieromartyr Artemon, priest of Laodicea in Syria (303) (see also April 12); Martyrs Eleutherius of Persia, and Zoilus, by beheading (4th century); Martyr Theodosius, by the sword; Martyr Thomais of Alexandria (476) (see also April 14); Saint Martyrius of Jerusalem, Patriarch of Jerusalem (486); Saint Martin the Confessor, Pope of Rome (655) (see also April 14); Two Confessor Bishops, who were exiled to the Crimean peninsula together with St. Martin the Confessor, Pope of Rome (c. 655); Venerable martyr Christophoros, of the Great Lavra of St. Sabbas the Sanctified; Saint Ursus, Bishop of Ravenna and Confessor (396); Saint Martius, Abbot, of Clermont in Gaul (c. 530); Saint Hermenegild, son of the Visigothic King of Spain, Leovigild (586); Saint Guinoch of Buchan (Guinoc, Guinochus), a Bishop in Scotland (c. 838); Saint Arsenios of Elassonna (Arsenius of Suzdal), Archbishop of Elassona (1625) (see also April 29); Saint Anastasia (Duchess Alexandra Petrovna of Oldenburg), nun and foundress of the Holy Protection Convent (Pokrovsky) in Kiev (1900); New Hieromartyr Stephen (Bekh), Bishop of Izhevsk (1933); New Martyrs of Vasiliisk in St Nicholas’ Eparchy in Ukraine (1937): New Hieromartyr Sergius Shtenko, and Martyrs Prochor Bunchuk and St Cyril Preymak; Virgin-martyr Martha Testovoy (1941); Other Commemorations: Repose of Archimandrite Herman of Svyatogorsk (1890); Translation of the relics (1967) of the New Martyr George of Cyprus (1752); Repose of Elder Cosmas of Pantokratoros monastery, Mt. Athos (1970).