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Deleting Links

I wanted to point out that you keep deleting an External Link that was added by one of the key Sysops of OrthodoxWiki. I have re-added it because I think that if ASDamick added it in the first place there is a reason for it. Besides, you can not delete a link simply because you do not agree with its content - especially since on this page they are stating the FOR and AGAINST arguments ... Regards, -- Vasiliki 16:48, February 12, 2008 (PST)

I believe you are confused on two counts:
1. The link was not added by Fr. Andrew, but by "Juliandelphiki." That's clear if you look in the history. It was added to the original "Western Rite" article by "Ephremsyrianos" -- who also happens to be the proprietor of said blog.
2. I have not deleted this westernritecritic blog because I disagree with it; I disagree with the articles at Holy Trinity Cathedral (Fr. Michael Johnson, etc.), too. I removed it because it is neither a serious nor substantive blog and adds nothing above and beyond the articles already listed. Indeed, it appears to state the Western Rite Vicariate is somehow a harbinger of the "end times" (!). Those who have noticed it have either mocked it or lamented its existence as useless and destructive -- and these are observers outside the Orthodox Church. Let's keep the arguments substantive. -- User:Willibrord.