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I've never heard this term before, so I can't decide: would canon law be an appropriate category for this article, as well? It seems from the description that an ukaz could be a part of the canons, though it wouldn't have to be if it were issued by the tsar or other governmental body. Thoughts, corrections? Gabriela 20:37, November 12, 2006 (PST)

    • The term, as noted in the article, is common in Russian usage. I thought about categorizing it under liturgics for the reason it has been used by the Church of Russia, but I don't think it can be classified under Orthodox canons. Other languages have their own titles for 'decrees.' Another term, similar, is 'Tomos', which as a decree is listed in a document on the internet only in the 'Tomos of Autocephaly'!!! It would be interesting to have a definition of Tomos in Orthodoxwiki.Wsk 18:25, November 13, 2006 (PST)