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This is article is a great addition to the wiki. One brief side note to add, Chrisitanity apparently did exist in China well before the 1600's, but as far as we know not canonical Orthodoxy (thus the title of this article is properly accurate & exact). Apparently the Assyrian (Nestorian) Persian Church did have contacts with China; some of the dates for those contacts are listed in the book: A Timeline of Eastern Church History, by Dr. Kathryn Tsai (Divine Ascent Press). Cheers, Angellight 888 20:25, April 22, 2009 (UTC)

Dr. Baker's Table of Contents

  • I intend to get Dr Baker's book in order to supplement this article in as meaningful a way as possible. His table of contents (listed in part below) is interesting, in that it breaks down the dates in the follwoing fashion:
Table of Contents
List of Maps and Illustrations
Notes and Names and Place Names
Preface by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis
Part One – The Roots of the Vine
1. Introduction
2. Eastern Christians in China, Korea and Japan to 1200
3. Eastern Christians in China, Korea and Japan from 1201 to 1400
4. The First Orthodox Christians in China 1242 to 1689
Part Two – The Vine is Established
5. Russian Priests and Traders 1690 to 1718
6. Setbacks and Negotiations 1719 to 1799
7. Learning, Scholarship and Expansion 1800 to 1898
8. The Boxer Uprising 1899 to 1900
Part Three – The Spreading of the Vine
9. The Spread of Orthodoxy 1901 to 1945
10. Towards Indigenous Orthodox Churches 1946 to 1956
11. The Church Suffering 1957 to 1986
12. The Church Renewed 1987 to 2004

He includes a period from 1242 to 1689 in China (The First Orthodox Christians in China). I will create this section in the article once I know the subject matter Dr Baker is referring to. Cheers, Angellight 888 19:59, May 28, 2009 (UTC)