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There are a couple of problems with this article. The SSB did not exactly enter the Ayrian Archdiocese; its membership did. The SSB remained a separate corporation holding its property apart from the Archdiocese. Indeed, after the repose of Father Alexander Turner, a number of their members left the Archdiocese and continued to operate the SSB as a separate body under the leadership of Archbishop William Francis Forbes. The entity that was fully incorporated was the "American Orthodox Catholic Church."

Second, the article give the birth name of Fr Alexander Turner preceded by the French "née." This refers to the original name of a woman. For a man, the proper use is .

Was Ignatius Nichols ever recognized as a bishop by mainstream Orthodoxy? If not, the article should probably not refer to "re-entering Orthodoxy." --Fr Lev 17:06, August 22, 2008 (UTC)

When Ignatius was consecrated, his jurisdiction (the AOCC) was still functioning under Abp. Aftimios as part of the Russian Metropolia. So, he was indeed an Orthodox bishop, though only for a short while. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 19:10, August 22, 2008 (UTC)