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Raskolnic is an exceedingly insulting term. People get killed over it. It should never be used by truely Christ-like people.

chrisg 2006-04-29 : 0254 EAST


First off, the Patriarchal Diocese has the Serbian name 'EPARHIJA AUSTRALIJSKO-NOVOZELANDSKA', which translates as 'Diocese of Australia and New Zealand'. If it were 'in Australia and New Zealand', it would be 'EPARHIJA U AUSTRALIJI I NOVOM ZELANDU', which it isn't.

Furthermore, removal of Raskolnik and Schismatic serves to airbrush the facts: the 'free church' was a schismatic organisation created by a defrocked bishop. It WAS schismatic, and calling it something else merely legitimises it.

for further info on this, see the blog antiglupost [1]