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The OCA website notwithstanding, I've always understood that the problem with the rosary was not simply that it developed after the Schism, but that the 'meditations' involved an un-Orthodox use of mental images in prayer. On this line of thinking, the recommendation of St Seraphim that one say 'Theotokos and Virgin, rejoice' 150 times does not constitute 'praying the rosary' as it is taught in the RC church.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Aaron (talkcontribs) .

Hi Aaron - In the related article on the Prayer rope, I briefly noted that there are parallels in many other relgions as well. As in many other cases, the "technology" used is the same, or very similar, but the goal and content of the prayer is theologically adapted to each tradition. It seems that the Rosary was introduced to the West by the Crusders returning from the East (particularly Muslim countries). The issue of meditative prayer is interesting and should be taken up elsewhere, I think. I expect that there would be different opinions about this in the Orthodox world.
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