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A note for editors of this article: Although it is common for Orthodox to refer to the RCC as "the Roman church," as we might say, "the Greek church" or "the Antiochian church," it is commonly considered discourteous and derogatory to use Roman as an adjective (cf. style guides such as the AP Stylebook). Although the preferred adjective is, of course, Catholic, there is a dispute between our two communions over that word. I recommend Roman Catholic as a standard and courteous adjectival form.

Agreed. --Rdr. Andrew

BTW, is "Polemics" for Roman Catholic polemics against Orthodox, vice versa, or both? --Basil 18:04, 25 Jan 2005 (CST)

Both, I'd think. --Rdr. Andrew
Both are fine. Of course, we're not out to polemicize against ourselves, but a good descriptive overview of points of perceived weakness, etc., would, I think, be helpful. Some history of anti-Orthodox polemics would be good too -- things have softened quite a bit from the good old days! FrJohn