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Reasons for modifications

  • The United Kingdom does not include all of the island of Ireland, and it does not include any of the Republic of Ireland. Therefore, it is not accurate to characterise the United Kingdom as 'Great Britain and Ireland'.
  • UK Orthodoxy is not divided into different jurisdictions (as, say, Greece is divided between Church of Greece and the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and which is not in principal a canonically-irregular situation). Rather, several jurisdictions have Churches and Dioceses which cover the UK (which is a canonically-irregular situation).
  • The use of the term 'diaspora' to describe British Orthodoxy is contentious: not all of UK Orthodoxy is 'diaspora' Orthodoxy (just as not all American Orthodoxy is diaspora Orthodoxy).
  • The meaning of the sentence 'However, unlike much of the diaspora, the balance of those jurisdictions is significantly different' is unclear; and so has been removed.
  • There is no current statistical information which justifies the statement that '90%' of UK Orthodoxy is within the Archdiocese of Thyateira; this figure cannot be thought accurate given the growth of the numbers of Eastern Europeans living in Britain in recent years.
  • The description of the ethnic composition of the faithful and clergy of Thyateira is inaccurate and misleading. The fact that only the ethnic composition of Thyateira has been mentioned by the initial author of the article, and the not ethnic composition of any of the other jurisdictions in Britain, reflects a POV of the initial author to emphasise issues of Greek ethnicity, in opposition to the Antiochian Deanery consisting mainly of 'converts' (which is not entirely accurate, either).
  • It is inaccurate to automatically describe parishes of Poles as being 'of Russian tradition'. In fact there are a wide variety of traditions in Slavic countries, and one cannot automatically call everything Slavic 'Russian'. Moreover, such parishes in Thyateira do not maintain uniform 'Slavic' practice, and if anything, in contemporary practice, are increasingly Greek.
  • Not all people who arrived from Poland were refugees.
  • The previous version of the article was written in a manner which downplayed the relative size of the Diocese of Sourozh (which in fact has more parishes than the Church of Serbia and is roughly the same size as - a little larger than - the UK Exarchate). This POV has been removed.
  • Other Orthodox Churches in the UK not mentioned previously have been added.

Seminarist 19:27, May 25, 2008 (UTC)

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