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Talk:Monastery of St Nektarius (Leeuwenkloof, Pretoria)

The web site noted in the new article hopefully covers the original monastery intended by original blank article. The site referenced in the original blank article is dead. The new site does not provide much information about the monastery and doesn't mention Leeuwenkloof. Also, the web site uses two names, with and without Nicholas!!? Hopefully, other information will become available. Wsk 21:47, June 29, 2008 (UTC)

The link from the original website cited appears to be here, although the counter seems to be the same for both sites. The website lists the monastery spelling as "St. Nektarios" as well as "St. Nectarios" rather than "St. Nektarius." I see what you mean about the with and without St. Nicholas ... wish there was a picture of the signage at the monastery. Also, I'm confused about the inclusion of "Leeuwenkloof." It seems that most monastery articles have the city, then the state/province or country; I do not see where "Leeuwenkloof" falls, as Pretoria is a city. Should it then be "Pretoria, Gauteng" or "Pretoria, South Africa"? When I search for "Leeuwenkloof" on Google, it asks me whether I meant "Leeuwkloof." Perhaps the former is a typo? —magda (talk) 00:21, June 30, 2008 (UTC)
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