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Just a note to say that I appreciate User:Sophysduckling's contribution (check history), but think it still needs work before going public. A couple notes on this: 1. I don't think we need a dictionary or Wikipedia-style definition of homosexuality here. 2. Some areas were expressed in terms of "general" feelings of Orthodox people rather than from a dogmatic perspective -- that's fine in it's own way, but the basic article should be mostly dogmatic in content. 3. Along these lines, e.g. the matter of adelphopoiese is much clearer-cut than was expressed. 4. And the issue of orientation is more complicated.

I removed rather than edited the piece because I don't have the time to write something else now and I didn't want anybody to be mislead. It's a sensitive area in many ways (though dogmatically clear), and since OrthodoxWiki is becoming a standard reference site, I think it would be good if we could start off with a more precise and expanded article. Fr. John 01:19, 20 Oct 2005 (EDT)