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Not sure how to do this. But I believe the picture of the relics are St. Gerasimos not St. Dionysius. Photos of each can be found here: And here: Perhaps someone can add the one image and have them linked to the correct saints. -Daniel Storrs


I renamed this page to bring it into conformity with the Style Manual and existing links. —Dcn. Andrew talk random contribs 16:31, 5 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Well, I tried. The article still could be expanded. I seriously considered lopping off that whole part about the September 11 attacks and the icon; it honestly doesn't seem that terribly miraculous. Perhaps I'm just too influenced by the skeptical age in which we live. Any thoughts? User: Gabriela 5 May 2006, 16:14 CST

Category: Greek Saints

Re-added this category. Saint Dionysios incorruptible relic is in Zakynthos of GREECE. The Category "Greek Saints" is for exactly such a circumstance (This category is for saints who were born or died in Greece and/or whose relics have survived in Greece.) and as such I dont understand why you "reverted" my edit? Vasiliki 23:23, July 7, 2008 (UTC)

I attempted to revert the most recent edit, to cut down on the links for December 17 (only the first in one article or section). I did not realize that this automatically reverted any other (previous) edits by the same person. —magda (talk) 20:43, July 10, 2008 (UTC)