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Apparitions of the Archangel Michael

Note, besides the apparitions of the Archangel Michael -- on Symi island (Panormitis), and on Lesvos island (Mantamados) -- there is an additional well known apparition from the 5th century, during the pontificate of Gelasius I (492-496), commemorated by the Church in the West on May 8th:

  • Apparition of the Archangel Michael on Mount Gargano in southern Italy, to Bishop Laurence of Siponto (commemorated Febraury 7), in memory of which the famous Monastery of the Archangel was founded (ca.490).
(The Sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo is the oldest shrine in Western Europe dedicated to the Archangel Michael and has been an important pilgrimage site since the middle ages. The historic site and its environs are protected by the Parco Nazionale del Gargano. In 2011, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of a group of seven, inscribed as: Longobards in Italy. Places of the power (568-774 A.D.).)

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