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This is really sparse. I work with Christians from Kerala who identify him as the founder of their church. There is a Church in Tblisi which is the repository for his skull. He is said to have returned to be at the funeral of The Theotokos etc. Are there so few sources for the Apostle Thomas? He must be one of the most interesting. Thomas Simmons 10:32 EPT, 26/03/11 (EPT)

The St. Thomas Christians of India are not Eastern Orthodox, but they are connected with Oriental Orthodoxy and the heterodox Church of the East, and furthermore, their tradition of having been founded by St. Thomas corroborates the Eastern Orthodox tradition that St. Thomas was martyred in India, thus, I have added mention of him. I agree with you that Thomas is a very interesting Apostle; I personally prefer not to have in my mind a hierarchy of the Apostles beyond the primacy of St. Peter and the theological importance of John, the Beloved Disciple, however, of the other apostles, Thomas is definitely one whose story is exciting and profound in Christian theology. The image of "Doubting Thomas", that smears the apostle as a fearful man of wavering faith, which has proliferated among many Protestants where the lives of the Apostles are not given sufficient attention, must be vigorously dispelled. Additionally, I have added a clear statement to the effect that the Eastern Orthodox Church (and for that matter our Oriental Orthodox brethren) emphatically reject the attribution of the heretical Gnostic Gospels bearing the name of Thomas to the Holy Apostle. I feel like much work needs to be done to clear the name of a saint and martyr whose bravery and orthodoxy are beyond question. Wgw 11:33, October 18, 2013 (HST)