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Dating of his death is contested

Hi ... the dating of St Andrew's life is contested. According to the biography of St Andrew in the book "Saint Andrew, the Fool for Christ's Sake by Nikephoros, Priest of the Great Church", published by Dormition Skete, Colorado (ISBN No: 978-0-935889-05-5), Archbishop Gregory of Denver and Colorado (of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America) introduces the book with a reference to the dating in the 6th century ... I have also requested a publication on St Andrew's Apocraphyl prophecies from Harvard University which also date him somehwere to the 6th century. So, I guess, its just an interesting observation to add to the article. -- Vasiliki 23:43, January 31, 2008 (PST)

ASDAmick ...

Hi, read my above discussion comment. The revelations of Andrew is not an "Alleged" document it is real/an actual document. Vasiliki 01:49, June 12, 2008 (UTC)

I would find it next to impossible to prove to you the existence of this document since it is very very hard to come by a copy that you can borrow. A friend of mine had loaned it from Harvard Library but not in its original context rather as the PHD paper of a Theologian from Harvard, who translated the text and inserted his analysis. We could only read part of this paper and it was a photocopy, I have no idea how to track this document down and cite it! - BUT I know it exists! Vasiliki 01:54, June 12, 2008 (UTC)