Symeon (Du) of Shanghai

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His Grace Bishop Symeon (Du) of Shanghai was one of the bishops in the Autonomous Chinese Orthodox Church.

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  • 1865: The Russian Cossack-Albazinian ancestors of the future bishop settle in Beijing.
  • 1886 Feb 11: Fyodor Du born into the family of a church reader.
  • 1900: Boxer Rebellion occurs. His father, close relatives and himself miraculously escape death.
  • 1904: Fyodor completes theological seminary at the Orthodox Mission, Beijing. Serves as reader and catechist.
  • 1908: Fyodor ordained to diaconate by Bishop Innokenty (Figurovsky). Assigned to Church of the Annunciation at metochion of the Mission in Harbin. Serves as deacon, missionary, treasurer and office manager.
  • 1919: Dcn Fyodor worked on publishing Russian textbooks for Harbian schools.
  • 1920-32: Began much missionary work in Shanghai, Hankou, Haimin, Kaifeng, Zhangde, Weihou, Baodingfu, Kalgan, Mukden Qiqihar and some Manchurian stations.
  • 1932: Dcn Fyodor lived in Tianjin.
  • 1934: Dcn Fyodor elevated to Protodeacon.
  • 1941 Sep 16: Ordained to the Priesthood. Fr Fyodor appointed to St Innocent Mission Church.
  • 1943: Elevated to Archpriest.
  • 1945: Fr Fyodor was awarded Palitza.
  • 1950 Jul 23: Tonsured a monk with the name Symeon.
Jul 25: Elevated to Archimandrite
Jul 30: Consecrated Bishop of Tianjin. Bp Symeon was consecrated in the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Annunciation, Moscow, by Patriarch Alexii, Metropolitan Nikolai of Krutisk and Kolomna, Metropolitan Elevferii of Prague and All-Czechoslovakia, Archbishop Victor (Svjatin) of Beijing and China, Bishop Flavian of Orlov and Briansk and Bishop Gavriil of Vologda and Cherepvetsk.
Sep 26: Bishop Symeon was transferred to be Bishop of Shanghai.
  • 1965 Mar 3: Bishop Symeon reposed during the Cultural Revolution.
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Symeon (Du) of Shanghai
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Bishop of Tianjin
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John (Maximovitch)
Bishop of Shanghai
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