Statistics of Orthodoxy in Australia

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This article seeks to compile the statistics of the Orthodox Church in Australia into a single place.

Orthodox in Australia

  • Number of Orthodox in Australia: 529 444, or 2.82% of Australia's population.

There are difficulties with using the Australian census as defining how many Orthodox are of various nationalities, as Greek Orthodox was a box able to be ticked, whereas to be included in any other jurisdiction required writing in the name.

  • Albanian Orthodox: 159
  • Antiochian Orthodox: 7 525
  • Greek Orthodox: 402 997
  • Romanian Orthodox: 1 471
  • Russian Orthodox: 18506
  • Serbian Orthodox: 42405
  • Unspecified Orthodox: 38 441

Monasteries and Monastics in Australia

  • Total number of monastic communities in Australia: 16 Monastic Communities.
  • Male Monasteries: 9 cenobitic monasteries, with 1 skete. ~19 monks living in the monasteries.
  • Female Monasteries: 5 cenobitic monasteries, with 1 skete. ~24 nuns living in the monasteries.
  • ROCOR Monasteries: 7 communities; 4 male monasteries and 1 male skete (total of ~9 monks), 2 female (total ~10 nuns).
  • GOA Monasteries: 5 communities; 3 male monasteries (total ~8 monks), 2 female (total ~11 nuns)
  • Serbian Monasteries: 3 communities; 2 male monasteries, 1 female skete.
  • Antiochian Monasteries: 1 female monastery (total ~1 nun).