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Statistics of Orthodoxy in Australia
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This article seeks to compile the statistics of the Orthodox Church in Australia into a single place.

Orthodox in Australia - Census 2011

  • Number of Orthodox in Australia: 563 100, or 2.6% of Australia's population; of which 43.6% were born overseas.
  • Eastern Orthodox, if taken together, would be the fourth-largest Church in Australia, and is currently the fifth-largest Christian grouping in Australia (behind Catholicism, Anglicanism, Uniting, and Presbyterian/Reformed churches).

Parishes in Australia

Numbers accurate as of August 2012. Parishes and missions, in Australia, are included.

  • Greek Orthodox Archdiocese: 117 parishes.
  • Serbian Orthodox Metropolitanate: 45 parishes.
  • ROCOR Diocese: 28 parishes.
  • Antiochian Archdiocese: 26 parishes.
  • Romanian Episcopate: 12 parishes.
  • Ukrainian Consistory: 11 parishes.
  • Bulgarian Diocese: 3 parishes.
  • Moscow Patriarchate: 2 parishes.
  • Total: 244 Orthodox parishes in Australia.

Monasteries in Australia

Numbers accurate as of August 2012. Only monasteries, in Australia, are included.

  • Greek Orthodox Archdiocese: 8 monasteries.
  • Serbian Orthodox Metropolitanate: 4 monasteries.
  • ROCOR Diocese: 7 monasteries.
  • Antiochian Archdiocese: 1 monastery.

Orthodox in Australia - Census 2001

  • Number of Orthodox in Australia: 529 444, or 2.7% of Australia's population.

There are difficulties with using the Australian census as defining how many Orthodox are of various nationalities, as Greek Orthodox was a box able to be ticked, whereas to be included in any other jurisdiction required writing in the name.

  • Albanian Orthodox: 159
  • Antiochian Orthodox: 7 525
  • Greek Orthodox: 402 997
  • Romanian Orthodox: 1 471
  • Russian Orthodox: 18506
  • Serbian Orthodox: 42405
  • Unspecified Orthodox: 38 441

It must be noted that these figures are, for various reasons (eg the language limitations of recent migrants), unreliable. An internal census by the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand, for example, found there to be 37 490 congregants (regular attenders) in the Archdiocese.