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  • ...cephalous Orthodox Churches now existing." From Article IV: "This Church has original and primary jurisdiction in its own name and right over all Orthod ...fore "the title and position of 'Metropolitan of North America and Canada' has no canonical existence in the Russian Church." It is signed by "Aftimios,
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  • the Holy Priesthood, receiving the title of [[Archimandrite]]. The OCCG has an approximate membership of 527,000 faithful and catechumens, overwhelming ...s are reporting new developments in Iran's anti-Christian crackdown, which has swept up nearly 300 Christian believers since June 2010." (Jennifer Rubin.
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  • ...mentioned on many occasions in association with Morgan, no other material has ever been found on the ''Order of the Cross of [[Golgotha]]''.</ref> and th ...refore served mostly in English. Having recently been discovered, his life has garnered great interest, but much of his life still remains shrouded in mys
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  • ...ill may be of worth to readers. As links are posted, reasonable diligence has been made to make sure the blogs are written by people claiming to be Ortho .../ Simply Orthodox] While technically not a group or aggregator, the author has put forth great effort to connect the community of Orthodox Christians on T
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