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  • *[ Fr. George Johnson's Personal Testimony] From Evangelical to Orthodox] by Fr. Gregory Rogers
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  • **[ Fr. Richard Demetrius Andrews' Response] ==Roman Catholic Polemics==
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  • ...devotion as in the Eastern Church. A more elaborate version known to some Roman Catholics by the same name goes: "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us More articles on the Jesus prayer] - Fr. [[Thomas Hopko]], [[Steven Peter Tsichlis]], Metropolitan [[Anthony (Bloom
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  • * [ Studies in Roman and Byzantine Law] - an index of articles in this journal is available onli * Roman Catholic - [ Catholic Encyclopedi
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  • ...[[First Ecumenical Council|Council of Nicea]] (325) Constantine began the Roman Empire's unofficial sponsorship of Christianity, which was a major factor i left him first as emperor of the west, and then as supreme ruler of the Roman Empire.
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  • ...s tradition, encompassing the Greek-speaking world, developed in [[Eastern Roman Empire|Byzantium]] from the establishment of its capital, Constantinople, i ...n]], reputedly of Syriac origin, which finds its acme in the work of St. [[Roman the Melodist|Romanos the Melodist]] (sixth century). This dramatic [[homily
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  • He was arrested by the Roman authorities and transported to Rome to die in the arena. They hoped to make ...ignatius_of_antioch.01.htm The Ecclesiology of St. Ignatius of Antioch] by Fr. [[John S. Romanides]]
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  • ...[[diocese]]. Thus, there is no equivalent to the [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]] [[pope|papacy]] within the Eastern Orthodox Churches. [[fr:Église orthodoxe]]
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  • ...and All the East." However, the literal name "Rüm" does not actually mean Roman but Greek. The Arabs and the Turks refer to the Christians who belong to th ...that came to be associated with the [[bishop]] of Antioch was that of the Roman Diocese of the East (a [[diocese]] was originally an imperial governmental
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  • ...een some agreed Christological statements issued in conjunction with the [[Roman Catholic Church]] and the Eastern Orthodox (Chalcedonian) family (Ecumenica [[fr:Églises orthodoxes orientales]]
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  • ...h and [[Ninth Ecumenical Council]]s"), as well as Fr. [[John Meyendorff]], Fr. [[George Dragas]] and Metropolitan [[Hierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos]]. ...ation of this [[synod]] to be the '''Eighth Ecumenical Council''' is the [[Roman Catholic Church]]'s ''Catholic Encyclopedia'' (1907), which describes the c
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  • ...Christian Churches: Patriarchate of Constantinople] by Ronald Roberson, a Roman Catholic priest and scholar ...ntinople and Rome: A Survey of the Relations between the Byzantine and the Roman Churches], by Milton V. Anastos
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  • ...this way of speaking was virtually unknown in the Greek-speaking, Eastern Roman Empire. ...Rome was vandalized and sacked by barbarian invasions. In 476, the Western Roman Empire fell, with the exile of Romulus Augustulus, the last emperor. Chaos
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  • Catholic Encyclopedia: The Sign of the Cross] ([[Roman Catholic]]) [[fr:Signe de la Croix]]
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  • ...opposition to [[Roman Catholic]] viewpoints on the same question. For the Roman Catholic Church, a council's ecumenicity is primarily determined by its rat ...cumenicity, and in most cases, their decrees immediately were written into Roman imperial law. No condition of later reception is reflected in the councils
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  • the [[Orthodox Church]]. Overbeck was a former [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]] priest from Germany who had left the priesthood after becoming d ...ved into Orthodoxy. Bishop Vladimir received them on May 9, 1891; however, Fr. Vilatte was consecrated to the episcopacy by hierarchs of the [[Church of
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  • :In 1926, the so-called "Polish Catholic National Church" (headed by Fr. Andrew Huszno) (really no more than six [[parish]]es) was received into th] However, Fr. Vilatte, who proved an ecclesiastical wanderer, soon led the parish into O
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  • ...e was elevated to the rank of [[archimandrite]]. On [[December 25]], 1973, Fr, Bartholomew was consecrated [[Metropolitan]] of Philadelphia in Asia Minor ...dox Church. He has also continued the reconciliation dialogues with the [[Roman Catholic Church]] started by his predecessors, and initiated dialogues with
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  • ...[[Fourth Crusade]] in the 13th century brought new [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]] overlords which forced the monks to seek protection from Pope In [[fr:République monastique du Mont Athos]]
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  • ...ra traveled to Manchuria where both took [[monasticism|monastic]] vows and Fr. John was consecrated bishop with the name Nicholas on [[April 6]], 1941. T ...s: Orthodox Church of Japan] by Ronald Roberson, a [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]] priest and scholar
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