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  • ...ed, setting him apart as blessed by the [[bishop]] to read in services and in the [[Divine Liturgy]]. In the past, low literacy rates meant that a Reader reading in church was the main way that people would hear Scripture read.
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  • ...ntipas by his parents. In his youth he possessed a fear of God and dressed in [[monasticism|monastic]] attire. As he matured he set off on a journey to [ ...olitan of Kiev), near the village of Berestovo. Here he began his struggle in prayer, vigil, work, and fasting, eating only a morsel a day and sometimes
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  • ...rius ''Abu-Saifain'']]The holy [[martyr]] '''Philopater Mercurius''' lived in the third century. He is also known as the [[saint]] with the two swords ( ...hristian manner. When he grew to adulthood (at the age of 17), he enlisted in the Roman army during the days of Emperor Decius, the [[paganism|pagan]]. T
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  • [[hagiographer]] Sulpitius Severus, a contemporary, recorded the events in his life. ...officer, he was required to join the cavalry. In the course of his duties in 334 he was stationed at Samarobriva, Gaul, modern day Amiens, France.
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  • ...d on [[October 1]]. The feast is celebrated additionally on [[October 28]] in the Greek tradition. It is also known as the feast of the '''Virgin Mary's In most Slavic languages the word "cerement" has a dual meaning of "veil" and
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  • ...t [[pilgrimage]] sites of Greek Orthodoxy.<ref name="JANIN">Raymond Janin (in French). ''La Géographie ecclésiastique de l'Empire byzantin. 1. Part: Le ...e experience the emperor went through earlier in his life. Leo was walking in a forested area when he saw a blind man who asked him for water to quench h
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  • [[Saint]] Theophanes the [[Confessor]] was born in 759 at Constantinople into a pious and renowned family. His father was a re to enter into [[marriage]], but he persuaded his bride to live with him in virginity.
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  • .... 491) who is commemorated on the same day. She is reported to have lived in various centuries: third, seventh,<ref>[ ...Not to be deterred, Theodora secretly disguised herself as a male soldier in order to join the defense. Unfortunately, Theodora did not survive, and as
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  • ...' headed the [[Eparchy of St. Petersburg]] as the Bolsheviks assumed power in Russia and was executed by them for his firm defense of the Church against ...]d a [[monk]] with the name Benjamin and [[ordination|ordained]] a deacon. In 1896, he was ordained a priest.
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  • venerated religious [[icon]]s in all of Greece. It has three festivals in the Church calendar: The anniversay of the finding of the icon ([[January 3 ...[[Apostle Luke|Luke]]. It is assumed that this icon was so highly esteemed in the Byzantine era it was either hidden or lost around the time of the Mosle
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  • ...o Christianity in Europe. Her conversion came after hearing Paul’s words in Philippi proclaiming the [[Gospel]] of Christ during his second mission jou ...for which the city of Thyatira was noted. Purple goods were part of a high value industry and were used by emperors, high government officials, and priests
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  • the war front during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 and took part in the reorganization of the chaplain services of the imperial military and na ...he was appointed chief field chaplain of the First Manchurian Army, a post in which he served until March 1906.
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  • ...memorated of [[November 24]] in the Greek tradition and of [[November 25]] in the Slavic tradition. ...f theology of the Church. Peter was chosen as the Archbishop of Alexandria in the year 300 upon the death of his mentor, Theonas, who had recommended Pet
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  • in the development of higher theological education and publication in Russia. He was unpretentious and, as a [[missionary]] to the pagans of Sibe ..., as he revealed an exceptional talent of eloquence and graceful abilities in which he attached an especial significance to inward religious self-knowled
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  • ...stian rituals. In 104, a special law was issued against those who believed in Christ and who denied obedience to imperial idols. ...Drosis learned about the nuns she secretly left the palace to assist them in collecting the martyred Christians.
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  • ...enos (†1979), keeper of the Greek Orthodox monastery of [[Jacob's Well]] in Samaria (Nablus, West Bank).]] ...f [[Jacob's Well]] near the city of Samaria, now called Nablus (Neapolis), in the West Bank.
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  • ...s|Anastasius I]]. Eventually, his strong stand against Anastasius resulted in his [[deposition]] and exile.]] in Constantinople. He was an administrator of a hospital for the poor in Neapolis who was described as learned, very virtuous, and not tinged with a
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  • ...hop of Auxerre, in Gaul. He successfully stemmed the spread of Pelagianism in the British Isles. St. Germanus is commemorated on [[July 31]]. ...d his education in Rome, studying rhetoric and civil law. He practiced law in Rome before the tribunal of the prefect for some years with great success a
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  • ...[deposition]] and later death of Patr. [[Athanasius II Dabbas of Antioch]] in 1619, the Orthodox faithful of Damascus, who's had been unhappy under the l .... On [[April 24]], 1619, Cyril Dabbas was consecrated Patriarch of Antioch in Amioun, Lebanon by metropolitans Simeon of Hama, Lazaros of Homs and Dionys
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  • ...oot to [[Constantinople]] and on the [[Holy Land]]. For a decade he served in the [[Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem)|Church of the Holy Sepulchre ...the Hesychast]], one of the greatest Saints of the twentieth century. They in turn met others including the Elder [[Daniel Katounakiotis]] and Kallinikon
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